FNF Mega CD Locked-on (Sonic CD)

In this FNF mod, a mega collection of Sonic CD has gathered, which will gradually enter into musical battles, demonstrating their vocal abilities in public. The first to go into battle is the classic Sonic, who met Boyfriend and Girlfriend on vacation by the sea. They talked a little and decided to have fun together on the beach and this will cheer themselves up even more.

In the next phase of FNF Mega CD Locked-on (Sonic CD) mod, your opponent will be a metal hedgehog who previously participated in rap battles, but did not succeed because BF defeated him. He will again try to oust our hero from the podium of leaders, but it is not a fact that his efforts will bring him victory. Everything will depend on your dexterity, as well as the mood of your opponent. We wish you a pleasant time playing this incomparable game.

FNF Mega CD Locked-on (Sonic CD)
Play FNF Mega CD Locked-on (Sonic CD)

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