FNF Lord X & Majin Sonic

In this FNF mod, Lord X and Majin Sonic decide to sing along to the music of Endless Cycles to decide once and for all who is the best rap singer. They started this event for a long time, but for some reason they could not meet. The hour finally came when they took the stage together to have a musical battle in front of their fans.

Unfortunately, Boyfriend will not be participating in FNF Lord X & Majin Sonic mod as he arranged with BF to take a vacation during our vocal competition. Fans of our protagonist should not be upset, as it will still be fun here. You will hear three new songs, and after beating the game, an additional music track will play. You need to choose a hero that you will root for this time, and it is also advisable to study his mannerisms and characteristics. Each Friday Night Funkin character is unique and unlike any other. You most likely liked some rap artists for a long time, and you became their fans. Stay tuned for updates on this mod so you don't miss out on the fun.

FNF Lord X & Majin Sonic
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