FNF Lofi Funkin

A new FNF Lofi Funkin mod where Boyfriend, Girlfriend and their friend Lofi got together to do their homework, but at the same time they competed in singing. As always, all students get tired of studying a large number of given subjects, so this company decided to diversify this process.

FNF Lofi Funkin game will convey the homely atmosphere and the learning process of schoolchildren. An ordinary day, a little boring that even the GF took a nap next to her beloved guy. Lofi sits at the table and writes something in a notebook. BF took the laptop in his hands and does math. All teenagers became very bored, and they decided to do their favorite thing - to arrange a rap battle. Of course, Boyfriend is much more experienced than his opponent, so one can only guess whose victory this fight will end.

FNF Lofi Funkin
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