FNF Just Another Sussy Mod

In the cool FNF Just Another Sussy Mod, you will participate in new stories of famous comrades from another planet who are delighted with musical battles. They have already attended the Friday Night Funkin game several times, but they cannot get the championship. Boyfriend, as an experienced rapper, always remains the winner, no matter how hard the opponent tries to get ahead of him.

FNF Just Another Sussy Mod will be fantastic, especially worth listening to the new songs, which are pretty cool on their own. The potential of this game is huge, so we can hope that new versions of this FNF mod will be released. All participants, as always, look unusual and attract attention. Boyfriend will compete with them until victory, but the final of this fight will depend on your perseverance. If you slowly press the buttons, then all the arrows will fly off the screen, and your glasses will burn out. Such results can have a bad effect on the reputation of our main character, so try to correctly perform all finger movements.

FNF Just Another Sussy Mod
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