FNF in the Kitchen (SpongeBob)

This FNF mod impresses with its eccentricity and variety of animation options for SpongeBob and other characters of the underwater world. At the beginning of the game, Squidward and Boyfriend will face off in a musical battle, but this round will be pretty easy compared to the next one. Next, BF will rap with SpongeBob, who will become a huge giant and will not look very friendly.

Also, FNF in the Kitchen (SpongeBob) mod will be filled with scary characters who, with their appearance, will resemble the dead, who have long drowned at the bottom of the ocean. In this round of FNF, three heroes will fight in the kitchen at the same time, these are Squidward, shabby SpongeBob and Boyfriend, who will look very disgusting. His appearance is unlikely to please the Girlfriend, but nothing can be done about it. But despite all of the above, there will be very cool music that will make you want to sing and move. Even if you don't manage to complete all the rounds the first time, you won't regret starting all over again, because you can enjoy these amazing musical compositions again.

FNF in the Kitchen (SpongeBob)
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