FNF Impostor Danger Run V4

In this FNF V4 mod, you will meet an alien impostor from whom you can expect danger, so you will have to run to avoid participating in the rap battle with him. But even if the duel takes place, the rival must be defeated, otherwise he can take over our planet. Before the real game, you need to practice and understand what skills need to be improved for further battle.

In addition, in Friday Night Funkin (FNF) Impostor Danger Run V4 game, the enemy can steal your girlfriend and fly away with her in a spaceship. Since you are a real gentleman and love your soul mate very much, do not allow this. Correctly press the buttons on the keyboard in time to the melody so that the arrows moving from bottom to top do not fly off the screen. Good luck!

FNF Impostor Danger Run V4
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