FNF Guys look, a birdie V2

In this new FNF Guys look, a birdie V2 mod, you will meet again with a huge robot that will rap while competing with a bird flying high in the sky. There will be a guy around the corner who controls this singing monster. If the bird wins, then it is not the robot who loses, but the one who controls it.

The action of the FNF Guys look, a birdie V2 mod will take place against the backdrop of a blue sky, in which your opponent will soar on wings. You need to work hard so that this competition brings victory to your main character. The guy who controls the iron singer will be very nervous, as your opponent is high in the sky and sings very well with his small beak. All birds are naturally capable of producing melodic sounds to perfection, so this factor must be taken into account in this musical battle. We wish you victory and good mood!

FNF Guys look, a birdie V2
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