FNF Funkin.avi 1.5 (Mickey Mouse)

It will be hot in FNF Funkin.avi 1.5 mod because Mickey Mouse has turned into an evil monster who wants to destroy the Boyfriend and his entire company. He was possessed by evil and at the moment he has one desire - to win the rap battle, no matter what happens to him. His incredible strength allows him to sing well and scare the opponent with his appearance.

FNF Funkin.avi 1.5 (Mickey Mouse) mod consists of five stages, the difficulty of which will increase as you progress through each. New melodies and backgrounds will be a nice addition to this game. You need concentration and dexterity in the movement of the fingers. If one of these points is not used to the maximum, you will not see victory. You need to skillfully catch the arrows that you will see on the screen on the right. Good luck.

FNF Funkin.avi 1.5 (Mickey Mouse)
Play FNF Funkin.avi 1.5 (Mickey Mouse)

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