FNF Four Way Lullaby

New FNF Four Way Lullaby mod where you have to fight against many monsters from the previous Hypno Lullaby, Indie Cross and DDLC TakeOver series. You are waiting for new enemies, weapons and of course a new game mode. If earlier we played a game where you only had to destroy monsters and collect their runes, now the mod has become even more interesting, because it has the ability to play as the monster itself.

At the beginning of FNF Four Way Lullaby mod, you will be able to choose a character and fight against your opponents together with him. You will have to attack the enemy in time to not give him a chance to win. In total, you have to choose for yourself more than 10 heroes, each of which has its own strengths and unique abilities.

FNF Four Way Lullaby
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