FNF Forgotten Remnant vs Faker

Friday Night Funkin Forgotten Remnant vs Faker is an extremely difficult mod where Sonic.EXE will take on Boyfriend for the top spot among popular rappers. These guys are essentially enemies and are ready to destroy each other, just to win this musical battle. New musical compositions will sound, under which you need to move your fingers very quickly so that your hero does not lose to an opponent.

FNF Forgotten Remnant vs Faker mod received new animated backgrounds, and here you will also see the unique superpowers of Sonic.EXE, which you did not know about before. He will become even stronger and more experienced, and his movements will seem even more dangerous, since his hands will be very close to the BF. You need to be very careful and manage your FNF hero as carefully as possible. Any arrows you miss will be protected in favor of the enemy, so try to hit the keys more accurately. Alone, Boyfriend may not be able to cope with such a strong opponent, so you should become his partner throughout the round.

FNF Forgotten Remnant vs Faker
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