In FNF EXEMerge mod, a terrible and evil monster will sing you a song that can lead to death. An evil voice will not let you fall asleep, it will constantly wake you up. What to do? How to get rid of this nightmare? We need to find a way to defeat him. Your faithful friend BF comes to the rescue. He will help you find your way out of this creepy room you are in. But as soon as you step into the light, you will realize that the monster is very close, and you will have to fight him again.

FNF EXEMerge mod has many interesting levels in which you will need to complete them all in order to win. Also in this mod you can enjoy beautiful graphics that you will definitely like. Don't be scared to death, they're just demons from hell. They want you to hear them. Mod has several options for endings, it all depends on how you will behave in certain situations.

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