FNF El Chavo del 8 T2

FNF El Chavo del 8 T2 mod will feature rap artists who will compete for the title of the best singer. You can win or lose, but in the second case, you will lose your glory. Your task is to repel all enemy attacks. To do this, you can use various musical techniques that you managed to master.

The goal of FNF El Chavo del 8 T2 mod is to be the first to play a sequence of notes that will fly in front of your eyes in the form of arrows. If you win the beat, then the game will continue, and if you lose, you will have to leave the stage. The game continues until the last note is played. For each note you play, you get points that will eventually bring you victory over your opponent.

FNF El Chavo del 8 T2
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