FNF Dumped Spongebob Restyled

SpongeBob right from the TV will fight you in a musical battle. With a formidable expression on his face, he will look into your eyes and sing an incendiary song to active music. You don't need to get lost, as Boyfriend taught you how to rap long before.

In FNF Dumped Spongebob Restyled mod, you need to carefully listen to the music beats and press the arrow keys in time. When your opponent loses his skill in the competition, he will make his eyes miserable, but you should not feel sorry for him, because because of this you can lose the battle. Sometimes it will seem that SpongeBob is about to fall out of the TV, because he will wave his hand very strongly. You can also actively move in response to him, so that the enemy knows that you are not afraid of his active movements.

FNF Dumped Spongebob Restyled
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