FNF Doors vs Rush

In this addictive FNF DOORS mod, you will have an adventure in a scary hotel from the Roblox Horror game where Rush, Ambush and other evil monsters live. They are found in almost every dark room, waiting for someone to open the door to attack their prey. Their appearance causes goosebumps, and the sounds they make can scare even the most daring brave man.

FNF Doors vs Rush mod will begin with the fact that the BF suddenly finds himself in a hotel where Ambush and other bloodthirsty demons live. He urgently needs to get out of there, but the huge number of doors that are in this building do not allow our hero to do this. If you do not guess and accidentally open the room in which the monster is located, then trouble can happen. Boyfriend with one door made a mistake in this FNF mod because he opened the room where Rush was. He attacked our protagonist with a very great thirst, because he had been waiting for a visitor in his room for a long time. In order to fight off this monster, you need to rap well, to the proposed music. If you fail to hit all the musical arrows, the demon will destroy your hero.

FNF Doors vs Rush
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