FNF Doors vs Ambush

In a very scary FNF Doors vs Ambush mod, Boyfriend will wander around a dark abandoned hotel taken from the Roblox Horror game, which is inhabited by ghosts and other dangerous creatures. He must get out of there, but it is not so easy to do this, because there will be 100 doors in front of him. He doesn't know which doors to open and what's behind them. Danger can await him in every room, and in order not to die, the BF must be ready for any turn of events.

The scary skull Ambush may appear in this FNF mod, able to destroy the enemy with its sharp teeth. Also behind any door you can expect Rush, which is no less dangerous than Ambush. Everything that will happen in this hotel is a real hell that our main character will visit. You will not envy him, knowing what tests he can expect in the future if he opens the door behind which the enemy is hiding. You need to help the guy at the moment when he is attacked by a monster. To repel an opponent's attack, you need to catch as many colorful arrows as possible that float across the screen from bottom to top. If you miss the arrows several times, then the monster will destroy the Boyfriend, so his life is in your hands. Good luck.

FNF Doors vs Ambush
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