FNF Dish Served Hot vs Pizza Tower

FNF Dish Served Hot vs Pizza Tower: A Rhythmic Adventure. FNF Dish Served Hot vs Pizza Tower is an exciting and unique mod for the popular rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin’. This mod takes inspiration from the indie game, Pizza Tower, and combines it with the fast-paced rhythm gameplay of FNF. The result is a fun-filled adventure that is sure to keep players hooked.

FNF Dish Served Hot vs Pizza Tower
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The Gameplay:

In this mod, players take on the role of Peppino Spaghetti, the protagonist of Pizza Tower. Peppino is on a mission to save his restaurant from the evil Pizzaface by climbing the Pizza Tower and defeating the boss at the top. Along the way, Peppino encounters various characters who challenge him to a rhythm battle. Players must press the correct arrow keys in time with the music to defeat their opponents and progress through the game.

The Music:

The music in this mod is a fusion of the FNF soundtrack and the Pizza Tower OST. It features catchy tunes that will have players tapping their feet and nodding their heads in time with the rhythm. The music perfectly complements the gameplay, adding to the overall experience.

The Characters:

The characters in this mod are based on the Pizza Tower game. Players will encounter Gustavo, Peppino’s best friend and fellow pizza chef, who helps him on his mission. They will also meet Pizzaface, the evil boss who wants to destroy Peppino’s restaurant, and his minions, who challenge Peppino to rhythm battles.

The Design:

The design of this mod is unique and visually appealing. The levels are designed to resemble the floors of a tower, and each floor has its own theme and set of characters. The character designs are quirky and fun, adding to the overall charm of the mod.


FNF Dish Served Hot vs Pizza Tower is a must-play mod for fans of rhythm games and the Pizza Tower indie game. It combines the best elements of both games to create a unique and exciting adventure that is sure to keep players entertained for hours. With catchy music, fun characters, and visually appealing design, this mod is a feast for the senses.



Made by R8_D6 (Song Author), debug_account (Charter), FunkGarbage (Developer) and McPig (Pizza Tower Creator).

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