FNF Deliverance

FNF Deliverance is a popular online mod of the game Friday Night Funkin' that has taken the FNF community by storm. It features a unique tribute song composed by Rageminer as a farewell to the community, and the mod is made by a talented team of artists and coders.

FNF Deliverance
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Gameplay and Features

FNF Deliverance can be played directly in the browser without downloading, making it easy for anyone to jump in and experience the mod. Players take on the role of Boyfriend as he faces off against a cast of characters in a series of rhythmic battles. The mod features catchy and unique music, challenging levels, and custom-made sprite artwork that sets it apart from other mods.

The mod's signature track, Deliverance, features Rageminer's distinctive vocals and has become a fan favorite among the FNF community. The song's lyrics and melody perfectly capture the spirit of the game and provide a fitting sendoff for the team behind the mod.

The Team Behind the Mod

Idiottunes, the composer behind the music in FNF Deliverance, has a reputation for creating memorable and catchy tracks for various FNF mods. Rageminer, the voice actor and sprite artist, is known for his contributions to several popular FNF mods, including Vs. Whitty and Vs. Tord. Atsuover, another sprite artist who has collaborated with Rageminer on other mods, has created custom artwork for the game's characters. Finally, Erosuda, the coder and charter behind FNF Deliverance, has put in countless hours to ensure the mod runs smoothly and provides a fun and challenging experience for players.


FNF Deliverance is a remarkable mod that pays homage to the FNF community through its unique tribute song and custom-made artwork. The game's challenging levels and catchy music make it a must-play for fans of the franchise. With its talented team of artists and coders, FNF Deliverance is sure to leave a lasting impression on the FNF community for years to come.

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