FNF D-Sides (Week 5 + Mighty Sonic.EXE)

In this new Friday Night Funkin D-Sides (Week 5 + Mighty Sonic.EXE) mod you will be fighting a musical duel with many famous artists including Daddy Dearest. Also here you will meet Mighty.EXE, who will do his best to take the best place among the participants.

FNF D-Sides (Week 5 + Mighty Sonic.EXE) game is filled with cool characters who will be on the sidelines watching the battle of musical heroes. Daddy Dearest, holding Mommy Must Murder in his arms, will perform a new hit that many users have not yet heard. Mighty Sonic.EXE also came with an interesting musical composition, hoping that Boyfriend wouldn't be able to sing it. All actions will take place on the territory of the old circus, during the Easter holidays. In the background, you can see a large Easter egg and a rabbit, who also came to watch these musical competitions.

FNF D-Sides (Week 5 + Mighty Sonic.EXE)
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