FNF D-Sides v2.7

Today in FNF D-Sides v2.7 mod you will find a new challenge, in which our main character Boyfriend will take part. Fate turned out to be quite cruel to him and the guy does not expect mercy either from people or from nature, seeking justice himself. Though his methods are simple and primitive, his vocal talents never let him down, either in the alley or in the underworld itself. Having fallen into a fiery hyena, he fought not only with the servants of the devil, but also with their master himself, defeating him in a fight. For such merits, he will certainly receive a place in paradise, but there, most likely, new trials await him.

FNF D-Sides v2.7 mod is a showdown with demons who opposed the presence of such an ambiguous character in their midst. But our hero is used to defending himself and therefore decided to enter into a musical duel with these opponents. Help him defend the right to be the leader of rap battles. Good luck.

FNF D-Sides v2.7
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