FNF D-Sides 2.6

In the new amazing FNF D-Sides 2.6 mod, you will meet scary and very dangerous monsters who will take turns participating in musical battles. In the game you have the opportunity to test your strength in an unequal fight. In the fight against them, one can only hope for the legendary Boyfriend. Try on his role for yourself.

In FNF D-Sides 2.6 mod, cool music will sound under a hot rap duel, where all rivals will show their talent. Here is the most creepy and scary Friday Night Funkin' mod that will tickle the nerves of even the most persistent horror lovers. The music will match the graphic design. If you have just discovered this amazingly addictive game that has already won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of music game fans around the world, then we recommend starting with the tutorial and the easy level. Your main task is to hit the sounding notes by pressing the keys on the keyboard in time. And it's better not to miss, otherwise the hero you play as will be swallowed up by darkness! The game will perfectly help to pump the sense of rhythm and just have fun in your free time. The main character is also fighting for the right to meet his beloved and your support will be very useful to him, especially if you are already adept at this rather difficult task!

FNF D-Sides 2.6
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