FNF Crossed Out (Indie Cross)

FNF Crossed Out is a continuation of the Friday Night Funkin Indie Cross mod, where the nightmare Cuphead, Sans and Bendy want to defeat the Boyfriend. They came together to take revenge on our protagonist for defeating them last time. BF in this mod is waiting for a lot of unpleasant surprises, so you need to carefully prepare before the battle.

FNF Crossed Out (Indie Cross) game includes several incredibly difficult rounds in which Cuphead, Sans and Bendy will ruthlessly destroy their opponent. This time, Boyfriend will do his best to defeat these bad guys. He will instantly repel the attack of the enemy, and strike back as much as possible. The guy has earned the respect of millions of players for a reason, but because his talent is truly unique. You need to do everything possible so that the Boyfriend remains unharmed. Catch the arrows flying up, skillfully control the guy so that he doesn't lose fame and success.

Updated: Added the Super Potato Sprites option and the Undertale mini-games. (August 04, 2022)

FNF Crossed Out (Indie Cross)
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