FNF Corruption Takeover

In the new FNF Corruption Takeover mod, the action will take place like in a real action movie, where two gangs arrange a shootout between themselves. In the company on the left you will recognize the famous Pico, and on the right there will be Boyfriend with his friends. They will shoot each other while rapping and hiding behind a car parked in a street parking lot.

Friday Night Funkin Corruption Takeover game will become an unforgettable musical performance for you, in which very cool melodies will sound. You will definitely like this FNF mod, because in all rounds there are very diverse plots. Perhaps some of the players will find this Friday Night Funkin mod very difficult, but over time, gaining experience, you will succeed. Arrows will fly at lightning speed, so only professionals can catch them. Good luck!

FNF Corruption Takeover
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