FNF BOTW: Link's Memories

The elf in love misses his beloved girl very much, but she cannot come to him on a date. He is very upset, because when she is not around, life does not make sense for him.

In FNF BOTW: Link's Memories mod, he wandered through the evening park and saw a bench on which they could sit together embracing. He sat alone and imagined that his beloved was next to him. The elf will sing a song to a romantic tune, and you will catch arrows so that his words fit harmoniously into the rhythm. Opening his eyes, after the song ended, the guy saw that there was no one next to him. His mood deteriorated even more, and he began to sing a new verse, which is even more upsetting. This mod is for lovers who miss each other. Who wants to be with his soulmate at the moment, he can keep this guy company. Play and enjoy the game.

FNF BOTW: Link's Memories
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