FNF Bob’s Lullaby (vs Ron)

There was a problem because Bob is missing somewhere, so you need to find him and fight Ron in this Friday Night Funkin (FNF) lullaby mod. This version is a bit like Hypno, but it will have a completely different plot. Of course, the rules of the musical duel itself will be similar to the previous parts, but you will still notice some changes.

First, there will be new characters and places where you will have to visit. Secondly, the music tracks for some players will seem completely new, it is actual how radical remixes were made here. The arrows will move faster than in the previous part of the FNF lullaby, but you need to catch them all in order to save Bob. The entire game has 2.5 minutes, and during this time you need to move Ron to the left side of the screen.

FNF Bob’s Lullaby (vs Ron)
Play FNF Bob’s Lullaby (vs Ron)

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