FNF Below The Depths (Sonic Drowning)

In this Friday Night Funkin (FNF) mod, Sonic descended below the depths of his mind, where he was chained to a large iron ball with metal chains. In this part, he may seem very pathetic and helpless to you, because superheroes usually do not get into such situations.

FNF Below The Depths (Sonic Drowning) game will not be very fun and colorful, because our hero is in a ridiculous situation. You need to sing a song well to free him from captivity. If he tries to free himself, he can damage the paw on which the iron bracelet presses. When you deftly and in time press the appropriate buttons, then our hero will have a chance to free himself. While singing, a ghostly vision will appear in the shadows, which will resemble Sonic, convulsively moving in agony from pain. Try to free this hedgehog so that he becomes happy and free.

FNF Below The Depths (Sonic Drowning)
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