FNF Babs Seed (My Little Pony)

In this awesome FNF Babs Seed mod, you will have a musical duel with My Little Pony characters dancing and singing cool songs in a fun way. Our heroes are divided into two teams to compete with each other and find out who is stronger in the end.

The action of FNF Babs Seed mod will take place on a bright background with colorful My Little Pony characters who will sing along to a cool musical composition. One team will be on the balcony and the other on the green grass below. During the game, some participants will change positions to give their comrades the opportunity to sing. You need to catch the arrows so that the pony team you support will defeat their opponent. You can choose the difficulty level in the settings of this Friday Night Funkin mod for your comfort during the game.

FNF Babs Seed (My Little Pony)
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