FNF B3 x BSS Remixed (Arms Race)

Two sports girls decided to compete in arm wrestling and at the same time sing a few songs in a musical duel. B3 and BSS are professionals in sports and music, so in this FNF game, you will immediately notice these abilities in their appearance and vocals. The talents of these two rivals are very diverse and you will control one of the participants.

FNF B3 x BSS Remixed (Arms Race) mod will be exciting, because you will perform several functions at the same time, which must be monitored every second. If you lose concentration for a moment, then the enemy will immediately take advantage of the moment and defeat you. B3 has long pink hair and a muscular body that many guys would envy. BSS is also not inferior to her rival in physical development, but she has dark brown short hair. They both sing and dance beautifully, and also know how to fight professionally. You need to control your main character so that she earns a gold medal in this competition.

FNF B3 x BSS Remixed (Arms Race)
Play FNF B3 x BSS Remixed (Arms Race)

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