FNF B-Sides Redux

In FNF B-Sides Redux mod, it's time for Boyfriend to take on a second challenge from Daddy Dearest, who brought along other guys like Tankman, Skid and Pump. He always wanted his beloved daughter to be with a famous artist, and not with an ordinary guy. It will be a demonstration rap battle in which Daddy Dearest must make sure that BF suits his daughter.

FNF B-Sides Redux mod will be difficult because only professional rappers will participate in it. They will cheer you up with cool music tracks, and it will be very fun and exciting. In order for the Boyfriend to pass the Daddy Dearest test, you need to listen to the music tracks very carefully and hit all the moving arrows. If you miss several arrows in a row, you will immediately lose, which will mean that BF is not yet an experienced singer. He will have to prepare for the next competition for a long time and wait for the consent of Daddy Dearest to participate. The fate of the protagonist of this FNF game is only in your hands, and everything will depend on how you play out this musical battle.

FNF B-Sides Redux
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