FNF Among Us v4

In FNF Among Us v4 mod, your opponent will be an evil alien creature that flew to us to fight in a musical duel. The game has three difficulty levels. The first level is the easiest, the second is more difficult, and the third is the most difficult. Only 4 songs can be played in each level, but the further you progress, the more the difficulty increases. If you fail the song on the first level, you will have to start over.

FNF Among Us v4 mod is made in a very interesting style, so it will delight you with its bright, colorful graphics and pleasant music. If the Imposter wins the tournament, he will become the most powerful being on the entire planet. But you won’t give up so easily, because you, too, can become the strongest and most talented. To do this, you need to defeat him in this musical battle.

FNF Among Us v4
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