Cryptid Night Funkin

In Cryptid Night Funkin mod, Boyfriend got into a world inhabited by terrible monsters and he needs to deal with everyone by participating in a musical battle. It will be very difficult to do this, since all opponents will be very scary and vile. Look at the slimy monster that shows the middle finger while singing. His behavior immediately causes disgust for such a character, especially if you plan to enter into an honest rap battle with him.

Cryptid Night Funkin mod has prepared a lot of unpleasant surprises and our main character will have to go through all this. He is probably ready to fight any opponent, but do not forget that he needs your help. It is necessary to adequately assess the situation and all your enemies, otherwise, if the threat is not correctly calculated, then a collapse may occur for the young singer. Cartoon Cat is very angry at the past loss of the musical title and therefore will take revenge on his rival. He specifically put together such a vile team of rappers so that Boyfriend could not cope with them. Do your best to make the guy a winner.

Cryptid Night Funkin
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